Trends Taking Over the Men’s Fashion World in Spring/Summer 2022

If the filly fashions of Harry Styles or the elegant bedazzled harnesses of Timothée Chalamet set your heart on fire, then without a doubt, you are on the ball when it comes to men’s fashion trends. Thanks to a new appreciation for individuality, expression, freedom, and diversity, men’s fashion has become a far more exciting concept than it was just a decade ago. Trends like gender-fluid fashion have done plenty to widen the scope of items that men can confidently don and made them as sartorially fabulous as (if not more than) famous female fashion influencers. If you want to make sure you are on trend this Spring/Summer, take note of the following trends, as observed in the Big Four Fashion Weeks.

Photo by Caio

Cutout Pieces

Rick Owens, Courrèges, and Y/Project are just three firms that have presented cutout pieces in their recent catwalk shows. The key is to show off some skin, play with shapes, and add fun, frivolous air to otherwise serious ensembles. Think snug-fitting sleeveless tops with a spherical cut-out shape in the center of the torso, cut-outs in the chest zone, and skin-baring jumpsuits that bear the entire torso except for two fine straps connect the bottom half of the jumpsuit to the top.

Gender-Fluid Pieces

Fashionistas live in a highly creative age, one in which pieces that were once associated with women’s fashion are now being made for men. Loewe, Prada, and Gucci have all dressed their models in dresses and skirts once again. Shapes range from fitting mini-skirts to knee-length A-lines and mid-calf flowing skirts, paired with fun footwear such as mid-calf-length boots. Also, colour abounds with these items and foot and headwear alike being designed in fun hues like canary yellow and fuchsia.

The Beauty of Black

The ‘colour’ black has always been associated with alternative clothing. Indeed, even the most classical, elegant all-black outfits have a certain edginess that has enticed men and women timelessly. From black singlet-tees to hooded kaftans, cut-out crop tops, and mini-dresses, black items abound, despite the usual Spring/Summer penchant for pastel and rainbow hues. This year it’s all about minimalist looks and chic accessories like chains, black-rimmed glasses, and gender-fluid bags.

Varsity Jackets and Flared Pants

When it comes to past decades, two in particular (the 1950s and 1970s) stood out on the runway. First utilized in the first half of the 1900s, Letterman jackets hit their pinnacle in the 1950s. Although they never fell out of fashion thanks to the sporting world, they will be particularly big this year. So, too, will the 1970s flared trousers, which hark back to the glamour and artistry of the world of disco.

Men have a wide array of styles to choose from for Spring/Summer 2022 designs. Top trends include cutout and gender-fluid pieces and elegant black street and evening wear. Meanwhile, varsity jackets and flared pants are items that every fashionable man should invest at least a couple of hundred dollars in this year if they want to turn heads in fashionable cities.

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