The Best Setup for your Studio Apartment

Choosing to live the city life can mean a compromise in your living arrangement. Unless you want to make a huge commute to work, you could find yourself settling for a city studio apartment rather than something much larger for the same price if you lived out of town. But city life is what you’re here for. There are plenty of reasons for choosing the city life, and a studio apartment is easy to adjust to, especially if you decorate it right.


Divide up your space

If you don’t plan a good layout, you can do everything in the same place, which leaves you feeling closed in and like you don’t live in a flat, you just live on your bed. Make sure to divide your space up well, keeping your bed tucked away and somehow separate. You can section it off using a bookshelf as a divider or by creating a canopy bed by installing shower curtain rails around it and attaching your own drapes. By separating your living areas, your apartment will feel less like a studio, and a whole lot more homely. This also ensures that your sleeping area won’t get overused for other things, making it easier to actually get to sleep there.


Get a sofa centrepiece

When choosing furniture for your studio apartment, you must be wise. However, that doesn’t mean everything should be as small as possible. Your sofa is likely to be the piece of furniture that most stands out, therefore selecting a luxury sofa can set a classy feel for the whole room. The placement of your sofa can also help set boundaries and divide up living areas. Placing a sofa at the foot of your bed facing the opposite way allows your sleeping area to feel like a separate section.

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Be smart with your space

Of course, the trick with any small space is to maximize functionality through a clever layout, and what works for you will depend on the particular apartment. The use of certain colours can help make a small space feel bigger, as can well placed mirrors. Storage seems to be everyone’s biggest challenge, even in a normal-sized house, so make use of some creative ideas to add double functionality storage spaces. Choose a bed with built-in draws, frame everything with bookshelves, make sure that the coffee table has some extra hiding space down below!


Ultimately when you haven’t got a lot of space, the best thing you can do is keep it minimal. Anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, has to go. If you don’t make use of it, don’t keep it around for the sake of it. Minimal living also makes it easier to keep your space tidy, and a tidy space gives off a roomier feel.



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