Pet Insurance: What you need to know

If you are thinking of bringing a puppy dog home, the question of pet insurance will no doubt come up at some stage in the proceedings. A very small number of pet owners decide to save money and do not take out any pet insurance, yet this can quickly deplete your savings if your pet requires serious medical treatment. For what are costs, pet insurance is a wise investment, and with that in mind, here is a brief overview of the various policy packages that a leading Australian pet insurer would have on offer.

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  • Essential Pet Coverage – This would cover your pet for treatment due to illness or injury, with the policyholder paying around 10% of the bill, while the insurance covered the remaining 90%. This would also include emergency boarding fees, should you be hospitalized for more than 5 days, and using Google, you can easily compare pet insurance to be sure you are getting the best deal. If prices are similar, then look at the terms & conditions to see if one offers more than the others, plus check customer reviews to see how prompt the insurer is when you make a claim.


  • Comprehensive Pet Coverage – This would cover everything in the essential cover policy, plus overseas pet travel insurance and tick paralysis treatment, should your dog ever require it. In the event you have more than one pet, there are sliding discounts available to help with the cost. This would be the most popular package, as it covers a wide range of treatments, and they would likely be able to issue the policy online, which is very convenient.


  • Major Medical Coverage – This policy would cover you for 80% of medical treatment due to illness or injury, plus a percentage of regular care expenses. Emergency dog boarding fees, tick paralysis treatment and overseas pet travel cover are also included. Routine cover might also be included, but you should verify exactly what the policy does cover and what the excess payments are. Should the worst happen and your pet is seriously injured, major medical coverage will pay for the majority of costs, while you pay a small amount.


  • Look for a Leading Provider – When searching for pet insurers, it isn’t enough to fully understand the small print, you also need to be sure that they offer a good service, and if you find an award-winning insurer, this is a great indication of first-class service. When you make a claim, you want a rapid response, so look for customer reviews, which will give you peace of mind. The best providers pay up without any issues and that is something we all prefer when claiming any kind of insurance.


Your pet is an integral member of the family and therefore, he or she deserves to have some form of medical insurance, and by reading the different policy terms and conditions, you can select a package that really works for you.



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