5 Things You Need When You Move

When it comes to moving, the list of things you need to do stacks up pretty quickly, so it can be easy to forget many necessary items along the way. Whether it’s your first move or your fifteenth, there are things we all probably need that either aren’t standard in all homes or we can’t travel with them, so when we move, we must buy new.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto


While moving across the city, the province or the country can seem daunting, if you keep yourself organized and develop a plan, the process will be all the better because you did.

Now while it may seem obvious that we need boxes, movers or a truck to move with, you may not think of some more obvious things that you might need when moving into a new place, and what better spot to get everything you need, than your local Walmart, or Walmart Online.

So, we hit up Walmart online and picked some essential items that you may not have considered but may come to need when you move.



A Microwave


While many newer places have built-in microwaves, most older homes do not, as I was recently reminded. So, when moving in, if you noted that the house doesn’t have a microwave (like the older home I’ve just moved into), then it’s probably a good idea to start shopping.

There are quite literally seemingly endless options and a fairly wide price range, which might seem daunting, but it also means, with a bit of time and research, you can find what works for you.

Whether you need something bigger for a family or something small that will tuck away in a condo or dorm, the great part about Walmart online is that it’s chalked full of buyer feedback. If you take the time and read the reviews, it can also help navigate you toward the right choice for your home.

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A Step Ladder


As someone who’s moved many times over the years and broken a couple of chairs in the process, I learned a while ago that when moving, it helps to have a slight step up, literally.

From when you’re packing and getting everything sorted to the time to unpack on the other side and put all your possessions away, it is soo much easier with a step ladder.

Not only that, if you’re planning to paint or do any renovations, a step ladder will become your sidekick, and when you’re done with your task, it folds and stores away easily.


Toilet Brushes


Remember before when I said there are things you can’t travel with or move, a toilet brush is one of those things, so it’s highly advantageous if you order a new one before you move, or to arrive at your new place as you move in.

That way, if you need to do a deep clean before you settle in, you have the proper tools to do so without having to run out yet again to get them.

We found these simple but classic matte toilet brushes that we like in black and grey for around the twenty dollar mark that make the perfect addition to any bathroom.


A Bidet


While we are talking about our bathrooms and, what we can’t take with us, a full bidet is one of those things. Thankfully, nowadays, there are some great options on the market you can easily install in your bathroom.

Throughout history, bidets have been proven to be the most effective method for proper bathroom etiquette, and we think it’s great that there are options for everyone nowadays, and the names for them are good for a laugh.

So, take a look, see what works for you, and enjoy the benefits of having a bidet.


A Good Shovel (especially if you’re Canadian)


Growing up in rural Ontario, Canada, my parents always had enough shovels for humans in the home, aka we all had our own shovels so we too could help out when needed. Since my shovel stayed behind years ago, and I’ve lived in apartments where I didn’t need a shovel, now that I’m moving into a house with a walkway and a yard, I finally need one (or more) again.

So for all you city people or condo livers, if you’re moving into a house, you may want to pick up a new shovel. I defiantly needed mine, both.

Tip: It’s best to have one big shovel for moving snow and a smaller metal shovel to break up any ice.


I have to admit, after spending the first two weeks unpacking, painting and settling into my new home, having the above must-have items when moving made it not only bearable but rather enjoyable.

Having an excellent step stool or ladder is a must. Painting or not, everyone needs some easy to enjoy warm food you can enjoy when unpacking. The easier way to do that without shelling out a fortune for delivery is by having a plan a microwave.

As I found out, having a shovel, or ultimate two, which we bought, was not only handy, they turned out to be a downright necessity, and as for the bathroom equipment, well as my granny used to say, it’s better to be prepared than to end up in a mess, and she was right.


So hopefully, my tips for moving help you out as you look to make a change in your life, and the best part, while grabbing these items from Walmart, if you happen to need almost nothing else, in-store or online, you can pick it up or order it as needed.



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