TESTED: The Barakett Tee

There are some staples in our wardrobe that are a must, and for myself and pretty much everyone I know, that includes a couple (or a few) great t-shirts.

Now you might think finding a great men’s t-shirt would be super easy, and it may just be, but finding a company that makes a genuinely exceptional t-shirt is a lot harder than you might think.

I’ve been searching for great clothing made here, in the US and overseas for years and have been sure to share that with you, but I have to admit that I’ve not written about most since I only post about what I love.

I’ve tested endless collections and lines to try and bring you the best of the best, and I’m happy to say I’ve found another fantastic find in The Barakett Tee from Robert Barakett.

Using only the highest quality materials to assure excellent colour, garment and neckline shape retention, The Barakett Tee is a quality shirt.



To the eye, it’s a well-made t-shirt. To the touch, it’s ever so soft, and on, it fits just right. We shot them straight out of the package on the hangers above, took some time to check them out, take a closer look at the stitching, texture, and overall construction, and then, we washed them repeatedly to see if they lost their colour and shape, they did not.



As you can see in the photos below, the shirts kept their form, colour and great look even after many washes. (For transparency, we steamed the shirts before shooting the second time around to get out any wrinkles from them sitting around before shooting).

After weeks of testing, washing and wearing them, I have to say I love these tees.


The Barakett Tee offers:

  • Shape retention engineering
  • Colour locking technology
  • Made of USA grown Pima cotton
  • Available in sizes small to XXXL



Care Instructions are as follows:

  • Machine wash cold with like colours
  • No bleach
  • Tumble low to de-wrinkle
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Warm iron if needed


This fantastic t-shirt retails for $65 and are available in what seems like endless colours. For more and to get the perfect size and colour for you, visit Robert Barakett today.


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