It’s the height of winter, and if you’re experiencing a case of the winter blues, you’re not alone. According to a study, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects about 15 percent of Canadians, and the winter blues can last up to five months. Moreover, some studies indicate that women are more likely to experience sadness during the cold months than men. The prescribed treatment for SAD varies from light therapy to antidepressant medication, but there are other things that you can do to feel better during the winter season. One is redecorating your home, not a gut, just a refresh.

Having a refreshed environment can do wonders for your well-being, and it can be an instant mood booster, especially if you decorate with coziness and happiness in mind. If you want to feel happier this winter, here are some interior design ideas for a warm and cheerful living space.


Add Some Mood-Boosting Colours

Having an all-white interior can make your home look chic and clean, but if you want to feel better at home during the winter season, consider adding some colour to your living spaces. Cheerful yet subdued or calming colours can add vitality to your home; certain shades can add warmth and make your house feel comfy, cozy and much more welcoming.

Consider painting your kitchen walls and hallways in a soft shade of your choice. You could choose a light blue, green, or even an off-white yellow. According to a study which ran for more than 30 years, people associate yellow with sunshine, playfulness, cheer, and warmth. Moreover, people who experience seasonal affective disorder are often advised to wear yellow-tinted sunglasses as they block out blue light, which can cause oversleeping and lethargy. If you want to add yellow in small doses, try incorporating yellow accessories like throw pillow covers, blankets, vases, plates, or mugs into your decor. For those who aren’t partial to this colour, consider other warm and happiness-boosting hues, such as orange, pink, red, or peach, or some of the more calming colours, cool greens, greys and blues.


Have a Dedicated Space for the Things that Make You Happy

Maybe you’re into colouring or crafting. Or perhaps you have a vinyl collection and love listening to music whenever you feel down. If you have a hobby that you genuinely enjoy, try creating a dedicated space for it in your home. It is an excellent way to add personality to your living space and gives you a visual reminder of the things that make you happy. So, show off that vinyl collection by having a music corner in your living room– kit it out with shelves, a poster of your favourite band or artist, a comfy chair, and a small table. For those who love to read, a reading corner or nook can be a positive addition to your home. Whatever it is, make it a functional and beautiful space where you’d love to spend time.



Create Spaces Where You Can Spend Time Together

Whether you live alone or with your family, creating spaces where you can spend time with your loved ones this winter is essential. Families can opt to have an open plan home– this way, you get more light and air flowing through your space, and you can spend time together even when you’re doing different activities. You can also add some seating in the kitchen, such as bar stools or a breakfast nook, so everyone can gather there while you cook and prepare meals. Meanwhile, those who live alone can convert their patio into an outdoor living room or their basement into a theatre room to entertain friends and loved ones. Spending time with others can help prevent isolation, making you feel more connected and, hopefully, happier.


The winter season can be harsh on your mental health, so take care of your well-being by creating a space that keeps you warm and happy. Consider these interior design ideas for a cheerful living space that will make you feel better throughout the cold months.



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