Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans For You

There’s something strangely comforting about a great pair of jeans, and unlike most clothing jeans, great jeans seem to get better with time, but the only issue for most people, is finding the perfect pair, so that’s what we’ll discuss today. There are a few things to know when it comes to finding the perfectContinue reading “Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans For You”

TESTED: Icebreaker Base Layers

I recently had the pleasure of partaking in a fantastic adventure through Switzerland and Norway through December. While it was indeed an extraordinary experience and unforgettable vacation, it was sometimes freezing, if not frigid. As a good Canadian boy, I’ve gotten used to colder weather. Still, seeing that I live in southern Ontario, I don’tContinue reading “TESTED: Icebreaker Base Layers”

TESTED: MuskOx Flannel Shirts & Jackets

Over here at ADDICTED, we love a great flannel. It might be the look, the feel, or maybe just the warmth they offer in the cold Canadian winter; either way, to us, they are a staple for those in a colder climate. So, when we recently came across MuskOx, we had to test out theirContinue reading “TESTED: MuskOx Flannel Shirts & Jackets”

The Perfect Coat for Every Season

Every year when the colder weather starts rolling in, I crack out my winter coats and put my summer coats away. Still, over the last few years, since the weather has been all over the place, I find that I end up leaving out my fall, winter and spring coats to use from September tillContinue reading “The Perfect Coat for Every Season”

Stay Comfy This Fall (and winter) with These Men’s Must-Haves

As a good Canadian, I’m all about winter gear, layers, and a wide array of comfy clothing to help get me through fall and, more specifically, the upcoming frigid weather. While I live in Toronto, it’s fairly south, so I don’t see anywhere near the conditions that some of the northern parts of Canada see,Continue reading “Stay Comfy This Fall (and winter) with These Men’s Must-Haves”

The Return of Fall Brings with it Sweater Season

I love fall. It marks the return of changing leaves, the cool crisp air that’s not yet frigid, and the return of sweater season. Now when I say sweaters, that’s what I mean, but this also includes my love for flannel and sweatshirts, but today, we are going to focus on sweaters and cardigans. WhenContinue reading “The Return of Fall Brings with it Sweater Season”

Essential Items Every Man’s Wardrobe Needs

There are many options available when selecting a wardrobe, from pine and solid oak to incredibly charming vintage designs. However, when selecting the essential items that should be inside every gentleman’s wardrobe, things tend to get a bit more tricky. While some items we can compromise on, these items are absolutely necessary. This style guideContinue reading “Essential Items Every Man’s Wardrobe Needs”

The Right Footwear for Fall

As the warm weather fades, the night becomes cooler, and summer fades into memory, it is time to gear up for fall and whether that will continue to get colder and more intense as the months go by as we cruise into winter. While winter might be a ways off, fall is officially here! AsContinue reading “The Right Footwear for Fall”

Showing Our Pride with Levi’s

Happy Pride this month and every month. As the summer rolls in and here and we gear up for Pride Toronto, we love seeing the worldwide celebration that has already taken place and will continue to move on through the summer. Now I’m all about wearing what you want, what makes you happy and allowsContinue reading “Showing Our Pride with Levi’s”

Current Menswear Style Hacks Every Guy Should Know

Life is beautiful – if you are well organized, of course. And if you know what your style is. You ought to look your best any time, place, and always. Do not let your daily routine make you look funny, unorganized, clumsy or untidy. We know you are who you are; nobody’s opinion is needed,Continue reading “Current Menswear Style Hacks Every Guy Should Know”