How to impress your friends this holiday season

As people begin to brace for winter and thus have not started planning for that special time of the year, you can get ahead by gearing up in advance for the holiday season. While this magical time of year can be full of endless last-minute errands, you can make your life easier this holiday seasonContinue reading “How to impress your friends this holiday season”

Shop the Our Place Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

After spending the last year and a half testing products from Our Place, it’s safe to say that we are huge fans. From our initial love of the amazing always pan to the perfect pot, we then fell in love with the knives, glasses, dishware, and everything we have tested from the good people atContinue reading “Shop the Our Place Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale”

10 Fun Things to do in Ontario this Fall

Some may be sad that summer has ended, wondering what will fill the days and nights as the weather gets cold and less alluring for most to spend time outside. So, we thought we would highlight some great things to do this fall in Ontario to keep you entertained and out of trouble. From fantasticContinue reading “10 Fun Things to do in Ontario this Fall”

TESTED: Our Place Ovenware Set

I’ve loved cooking since I was a teenager, but I never spent much time baking until the pandemic. Forced with limited choices and ever-changing store openings and closures, I decided I’d put some energy into cultivating some decent baking skills. Over the past couple of years, I’ve really started to get into baking, including aContinue reading “TESTED: Our Place Ovenware Set”

4 Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food

Work can get overwhelming. At times, it feels good to reach over the table and get a few bites off that chocolate muffin. You’ll feel good for a short while but once it becomes a habit, it can lead to overeating, weight gain, and a host of weight-related diseases. This doesn’t mean that you can’tContinue reading “4 Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food”

Discover a Whole New World Of Tea

According to The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook: A Guide to the World’s Best Teas by Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss, there are approximately 20,000 different sorts of tea worldwide. The sheer variety of tea is mindblowing, from traditional teas such as Earl Grey, which is drunk without milk, to teas made from blends of herbsContinue reading “Discover a Whole New World Of Tea”

The Our Place Summer Sale is Here

When it comes to the best in kitchen stuff, over here at ADDICTED, we have become huge fans of Our Place, and it’s no surprise as to why.   Since we love spending time in the kitchen, have a deep appreciation for great food, and genuinely enjoy hosting friends and family for as many mealsContinue reading “The Our Place Summer Sale is Here”

TESTED: Our Place Drinking Glasses

After recently moving and unpacking my glassware, it became terribly apparent that I needed to get a new set. Over the years, I’ve purchased several sets, but, sadly, one set has two glasses left, and the rest faired even worse, so it was about time to search out a great set of glassware that notContinue reading “TESTED: Our Place Drinking Glasses”

Introducing the Selena Gomez Collection. Only at Our Place.

Designed for beginners and experts, cooking perfectly and imperfectly, making a mess and having fun. Cheers to bringing your whole self to the kitchen…and beyond!     Straight from Selena’s kitchen, Rosa and Azul are vibrant hues that add a bright spot to any room…because cooking should be fun!       From the famous Knife Trio to theContinue reading “Introducing the Selena Gomez Collection. Only at Our Place.”

Last-minute long weekend plans secured with Moxies

It’s almost the Victoria Day long weekend or, in other words, the kickoff to summer (here in Canada)! This long weekend gives us a time to relax, reconnect, and hopefully unwind, with some great weather (fingers crossed). For those not heading out of town for the weekend who are still looking for some activities toContinue reading “Last-minute long weekend plans secured with Moxies”