Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing for a More Productive 2023

Living a balanced life is essential for your physical and mental health. Learning how to relax and recharge lowers your stress levels and improves your concentration and focus while inspiring creativity and boosting productivity. Balancing your work and personal life with your own self-care will help you manage life’s inevitable ups and downs with graceContinue reading “Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing for a More Productive 2023”

Saving Tips: Budget, Calculate and Make a Plan

Trying to stop overspending and start saving can be an overwhelming and challenging task. You have to understand that trying to control every aspect of your life is not possible, but it is possible to make good decisions.  Photo by Karolina Grabowska   You can manage your spending habits and start to track the money youContinue reading “Saving Tips: Budget, Calculate and Make a Plan”

This Years Most Innovative Products (2022)

This February marks a decade that we have been running ADDICTED and testing products. At this point, we have had hundreds of thousands of emails requesting reviews and have passed 1000 product reviews over these first ten years. Feature image by Mohamed Hassan   We’ve seen the good, the bad and pretty much everything inContinue reading “This Years Most Innovative Products (2022)”

Enter to win the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

Love fresh herbs, veggies and flowers but don’t have a green thumb, are short on time, or don’t know where to begin with starting an indoor garden? Over the last few years, smart gardens have become very popular for many reasons, but the most prevent is how easy to use they are. You just setContinue reading “Enter to win the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3”

Four Things You Should Do Before The Year Ends

With only a month left until the end of the year, many can’t wait for it to be over and are starting to get ready for Christmas. But before the year is up, it is essential to take a step back and make a small list of things that you need to get done beforeContinue reading “Four Things You Should Do Before The Year Ends”

Whimsical Winter Activities in Toronto You Should Try This Season

Winter in Toronto. It can be a wonderfully magical time, and it can also be a snowy mess, but as someone who has been here for years, I’ve become used to it and, in the fall and winter seasons, make a point to get out and enjoy as many fun activities as I can do,Continue reading “Whimsical Winter Activities in Toronto You Should Try This Season”

TESTED: Rugged and Refined Candles by Candle-Lite

I don’t know what it is about candles, but I love them, the good ones, that is. It might be the scent, the warmth, the look, or maybe a mixture of all three. Either way, I’ve always felt that candles bring added warmth to any room. Now, some like floral, others like vanilla. I loveContinue reading “TESTED: Rugged and Refined Candles by Candle-Lite”

Growing a Mo to Raise Funds for Movember

Now that I’m of a certain age, I have to admit, I’ve seen my fair share of people close to me battle cancer, and most recently, even a very close family member, and I have been very open about my struggles with addiction and mental health, so since I have a platform and more thanContinue reading “Growing a Mo to Raise Funds for Movember”

The Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Study Skills

If someone learns faster, is more responsive to questions, digests the information quicker, and remembers it longer than you, don’t let that get to you. The edge that they have over you is most probably acquired, not innate. Yes, it can merely be their better study skills that you can also develop by following theContinue reading “The Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Study Skills”

The Easiest Way to Grow Herbs Indoors at Home

While some places in the world have warm enough weather to grow outdoors all year round, for people like myself, who live in Canada, that’s not the case. Here in Toronto, we have the spring and summer to grow outside, and the rest of the year is far too cold to do much of anything.Continue reading “The Easiest Way to Grow Herbs Indoors at Home”