5 Website Design Tips Everyone Should Know

Keeping a website updated is the best way to market your business. But how can you get your website noticed amidst the thousands of other established sites? Aside from a post design, there are some tried and true tricks that you can use to improve your website design. Below are a few website design tipsContinue reading “5 Website Design Tips Everyone Should Know”

Enter to win the Roomba i3+ EVO

Hate vacuuming? Well, you’re not alone. We ran a questionnaire a while back asking readers if they A. Enjoyed vacuuming (less than 20% said yes), B. Didn’t mind vacuuming (about 40% said they didn’t mind) and when it came to the final question, C. Who hate vacuuming, another 40% said they would instead do almostContinue reading “Enter to win the Roomba i3+ EVO”

The Easiest Way to Grow Herbs Indoors at Home

While some places in the world have warm enough weather to grow outdoors all year round, for people like myself, who live in Canada, that’s not the case. Here in Toronto, we have the spring and summer to grow outside, and the rest of the year is far too cold to do much of anything.Continue reading “The Easiest Way to Grow Herbs Indoors at Home”

Web Hosting Explained for Beginners

Web hosting is a service that allows organisations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted or stored onContinue reading “Web Hosting Explained for Beginners”

How To Create Your Own NFTs for Fun and Profit

Though NFTs have technically been around since 2017, they only recently started gaining popularity in early 2021 when an artist named Beeple sold an NFT of his work for $69 million. Though most NFTs do not typically sell for that much, the average weekly totals for all NFT sales can range anywhere from $15,000 toContinue reading “How To Create Your Own NFTs for Fun and Profit”

Managing Multiple Accounts on Trading Platforms

When it comes to Forex trading, you can not but consider trading platforms. Trading platforms make it possible for traders to initiate buy and sell orders, monitor price movement from charts, automate orders using stop loss and take profit, and also keep an eye on their trade from time to time. Metatrader 4 stands outContinue reading “Managing Multiple Accounts on Trading Platforms”

Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are

Areas with bad or no wifi, being over or not having a data plan or just having a dead phone, there are so many reasons we might not be able to stay connected when travelling. Whether it’s a road trip, a week-long adventure in the countryside, or maybe even camping, while many of us loveContinue reading “Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are”

You Should Know These 5 Important Things About Power Electronics

What do we know about power electronics? Well, power electronics represent an essential branch of electronics and engineering. Additionally, power engineering deals with the transmission, generation, and usage of electric energy at high efficiency. On the other hand, electronics engineering also deals with controlling electric energy and conversion. The power electronics system turns the electricContinue reading “You Should Know These 5 Important Things About Power Electronics”

The Latest Savvy Shopping Tip – Shopping Refurbished

For most of us, we love to have the latest tech. Whether it’s a new smartphone, laptop, smartwatch or Bluetooth speaker, it’s all about having what works best for you, but here’s the problem, the cost of having new devices, especially those that get updated every couple of years or sooner, can become very expensive.Continue reading “The Latest Savvy Shopping Tip – Shopping Refurbished”

7 Tips for Selling your Photography

Photography has become highly accessible today, which is excellent as it helps more people to discover their creative gifts. However, this also means the market is saturated. As a photographer, you need to find as many ways of creating income as you can. There are many ways to make a living as a photographer today.Continue reading “7 Tips for Selling your Photography”