Wonderful Winter Adventures in Norway

Have you always wanted to experience the ultimate winter adventure? Norway has so much to offer, from outstanding views to endless outdoor excursions. We recently had the pleasure of visiting Norway and embarking on an epic winter adventure. We visited a snow hotel, went dog sledding, hiked up mountains, sailed the open waters, saw endlessContinue reading “Wonderful Winter Adventures in Norway”

Bucket List Destinations You Need To Plan For 2023

We have one planet we live on, and among the seven continents and some 200 countries, we have many beautiful places to visit. There are so many places to see that it’s hard to fit every one of the almost 200 countries into a lifetime. The list is, in fact, endless, with the natural phenomenaContinue reading “Bucket List Destinations You Need To Plan For 2023”

The Best Destinations for LGBTQIA+ Travel in Europe

Europe is a vast continent, home to gorgeous historic cities and countless islands, with many offerings for LGBTQIA+ travellers. These places promote open-mindedness and tolerance towards the LGBTQIA+ community and have annual events and festivals to celebrate gay pride. If you’re wondering what these places are, refer below for the best destinations for LGBTQIA+ travelContinue reading “The Best Destinations for LGBTQIA+ Travel in Europe”

Things to Do in a Canadian Winter

Winter in Canada is like nowhere else in the world.  The season coats most of the country in a beautiful blanket of snow that seems to bring us closer together.  If you’re new to these winters and you aren’t sure what you can do during these darker months, here are some ideas!  Just remember toContinue reading “Things to Do in a Canadian Winter”

Managing Money While Traveling: 8 Financial Services You Should Know About

Are you planning a trip and wondering how to manage your money best while travelling? When travelling, it is important to have a solid plan for managing your money. This includes knowing about the different financial services that are available to you. This blog post will discuss eight of the most important financial services youContinue reading “Managing Money While Traveling: 8 Financial Services You Should Know About”

4 Tips for Planning a Road Trip in Autumn

If you’re looking for something fun to do this autumn, you should consider a road trip. Road trips appeal to those with a sense of adventure and a love of landscapes. It’s a chance to take in the scenery as you head to your destination and it makes the journey to your destination part ofContinue reading “4 Tips for Planning a Road Trip in Autumn”

8 Best Things To Do In Basel, Switzerland

When people mention Switzerland, the first cities that usually come to mind are Geneva and Zurich. However, Basel has just as much to offer. As Switzerland’s third-largest city and the country’s cultural capital, there are so many things to experience. Once you are finished settling in a new place to stay in the city, doContinue reading “8 Best Things To Do In Basel, Switzerland”

8 Of The Best Places To See Fall Colours In Ontario

While some may be sad that summer has ended, for those who love fall and the change of leaves, this is the time to go on a road trip and experience the stunning change of season that truly is a beautiful sight. Now, for those of us here in Ontario, there really are endless locationsContinue reading “8 Of The Best Places To See Fall Colours In Ontario”

Travel Tips: Top Facts You Should Know About Cruise Ship Tours

If you’re looking for a unique travel experience, consider taking a cruise ship tour. There are many different types of cruises to choose from, and each offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss some of the top facts you should know about various types of cruise ship tours. We’ll alsoContinue reading “Travel Tips: Top Facts You Should Know About Cruise Ship Tours”

6 Tips For A Comfortable And Hassle-Free Bus Travel

Traveling by bus is one of the most popular and convenient modes of transportation today. With so many people opting for bus travel over other modes like train or flight, it’s essential to know how to make your bus journey comfortable and hassle-free. Here are some tips for a comfortable and hassle-free bus trip:  Continue reading “6 Tips For A Comfortable And Hassle-Free Bus Travel”