The Right Footwear for Fall

As the warm weather fades, the night becomes cooler, and summer fades into memory, it is time to gear up for fall and whether that will continue to get colder and more intense as the months go by as we cruise into winter. While winter might be a ways off, fall is officially here! AsContinue reading “The Right Footwear for Fall”

Dress for Success – The Ultimate Business Casual Guide

The office dress code has changed over recent years and decades. Given that in our parent’s and grandparent’s eras, a shirt and tie or business suit would be the accepted outfit without exception, the expectations have shifted and what’s acceptable is not the same as it always was. The emergence of the term ‘business casual’Continue reading “Dress for Success – The Ultimate Business Casual Guide”

Trends Taking Over the Men’s Fashion World in Spring/Summer 2022

If the filly fashions of Harry Styles or the elegant bedazzled harnesses of Timothée Chalamet set your heart on fire, then without a doubt, you are on the ball when it comes to men’s fashion trends. Thanks to a new appreciation for individuality, expression, freedom, and diversity, men’s fashion has become a far more exciting concept thanContinue reading “Trends Taking Over the Men’s Fashion World in Spring/Summer 2022”

Men’s Must-Have Winter Accessories

While winter may not technically have arrived quite yet, it sure does feel like it. With snow underfoot and those blustery winds winding their way through the streets, it’s the time of year that we make sure we have all the necessary gear to look good and keep warm. So, I searched for some trendyContinue reading “Men’s Must-Have Winter Accessories”