Stay Comfy This Fall (and winter) with These Men’s Must-Haves

As a good Canadian, I’m all about winter gear, layers, and a wide array of comfy clothing to help get me through fall and, more specifically, the upcoming frigid weather. While I live in Toronto, it’s fairly south, so I don’t see anywhere near the conditions that some of the northern parts of Canada see,Continue reading “Stay Comfy This Fall (and winter) with These Men’s Must-Haves”

The Return of Fall Brings with it Sweater Season

I love fall. It marks the return of changing leaves, the cool crisp air that’s not yet frigid, and the return of sweater season. Now when I say sweaters, that’s what I mean, but this also includes my love for flannel and sweatshirts, but today, we are going to focus on sweaters and cardigans. WhenContinue reading “The Return of Fall Brings with it Sweater Season”

Essential Items Every Man’s Wardrobe Needs

There are many options available when selecting a wardrobe, from pine and solid oak to incredibly charming vintage designs. However, when selecting the essential items that should be inside every gentleman’s wardrobe, things tend to get a bit more tricky. While some items we can compromise on, these items are absolutely necessary. This style guideContinue reading “Essential Items Every Man’s Wardrobe Needs”

Get ready for a comfy summer with Mott & Bow

Summer is one of my favourite times of the year. Warm morning walks with my dog Manny, sunny afternoons in the backyard with friends, beach days, holidays, really, at this point in my life, I’ve realized summer is the season I love most. Now while summer can be amazing here in Toronto and across Canada,Continue reading “Get ready for a comfy summer with Mott & Bow”

TESTED: The Barakett Tee

There are some staples in our wardrobe that are a must, and for myself and pretty much everyone I know, that includes a couple (or a few) great t-shirts. Now you might think finding a great men’s t-shirt would be super easy, and it may just be, but finding a company that makes a genuinelyContinue reading “TESTED: The Barakett Tee”

The Perfect Sweaters for Spring

Growing up, I never really cared for spring. I was always more focused on summer and fall, but I’ve warmed up to spring in recent years, literally and figuratively. While I love the change in season blooming flowers, spring in Canada isn’t all that warm, so it’s actually the perfect time for a great sweater.Continue reading “The Perfect Sweaters for Spring”

Comfy clothing that will help make winter bearable

When it comes to layering up for winter, it should probably go without saying that the layers should not only be warm, they should also be comfortable. This includes excellent undies, well-made jeans with some stretch, and some comfortable slacks, all of which are necessities for winter and all of which are available at MottContinue reading “Comfy clothing that will help make winter bearable”

Men’s Must-Have Winter Accessories

While winter may not technically have arrived quite yet, it sure does feel like it. With snow underfoot and those blustery winds winding their way through the streets, it’s the time of year that we make sure we have all the necessary gear to look good and keep warm. So, I searched for some trendyContinue reading “Men’s Must-Have Winter Accessories”