TESTED: Vessi’s Sunday Slippers

Over the last few years, I’ve been searching for new slippers that are high quality, well made, that are also comfortable and have good tread. I know it’s a tall ask, but, after what seemed like a year’s searching, I’ve finally found a pair I love. Say hello to the Sunday Slippers from Vessi. KnowContinue reading “TESTED: Vessi’s Sunday Slippers”

Can Wearable Technology Help You Sleep Better?

If you are anything like me, and probably most people you ask, most of us would love to get a better quality of sleep and more of it. Now, doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, over the last decade, I’ve tested thousands of products, and while I’ve found solutions to so many problems, feeling more relaxedContinue reading “Can Wearable Technology Help You Sleep Better?”

TESTED: Our Place Drinking Glasses

After recently moving and unpacking my glassware, it became terribly apparent that I needed to get a new set. Over the years, I’ve purchased several sets, but, sadly, one set has two glasses left, and the rest faired even worse, so it was about time to search out a great set of glassware that notContinue reading “TESTED: Our Place Drinking Glasses”

The Perfect Sweaters for Spring

Growing up, I never really cared for spring. I was always more focused on summer and fall, but I’ve warmed up to spring in recent years, literally and figuratively. While I love the change in season blooming flowers, spring in Canada isn’t all that warm, so it’s actually the perfect time for a great sweater.Continue reading “The Perfect Sweaters for Spring”

TESTED: Basic Goods Trading Company

As we continue to try our best to watch our consumption, be mindful of our impact and, most of all, the waste we produce, we have been searching for brands, products and ultimately solutions to help take the steps in doing our part. In that search, we came across the Basic Goods Trading Company. TheyContinue reading “TESTED: Basic Goods Trading Company”

TESTED: The Apollo Mattress by GoodMorning.com

If someone would have asked me 15 years ago whether a great night of sleep ranked near the top of my list for my life’s must-haves, I would have laughed, stayed up late and had another mediocre night of sleep. Skip ahead 15 years, and a great night of sleep is something I know isContinue reading “TESTED: The Apollo Mattress by GoodMorning.com”