Can Wearable Technology Help You Sleep Better?

If you are anything like me, and probably most people you ask, most of us would love to get a better quality of sleep and more of it. Now, doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, over the last decade, I’ve tested thousands of products, and while I’ve found solutions to so many problems, feeling more relaxedContinue reading “Can Wearable Technology Help You Sleep Better?”

You Can Access Your Mac Remotely From Any Device – Here’s How

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to be able to access your computer files from anywhere. Whether you’re working on a project for work or school, or just want to be able to check your personal email and social media accounts while you’re away from home, being able to connect to yourContinue reading “You Can Access Your Mac Remotely From Any Device – Here’s How”

TESTED: Fitbit Versa 3

While the Fitbit became famous for counting steps, its selection of new products goes way beyond that. The Versa 3 from Fitbit is a whole new world documented right from your wrist, from a connected device to a sleep tracker to a step counter. I have to admit, when I first heard about Fitbit, asContinue reading “TESTED: Fitbit Versa 3”

TESTED: Google Nest Doorbell and Security Cameras

Suppose you’re like me and just moved into an old place or you already live in one. In that case, the home isn’t set up with any security camera and, in my case, doesn’t even have a doorbell, so I wanted to take steps to add a reasonable level of security to the place (alongContinue reading “TESTED: Google Nest Doorbell and Security Cameras”