The Perfect Coat for Every Season

Every year when the colder weather starts rolling in, I crack out my winter coats and put my summer coats away. Still, over the last few years, since the weather has been all over the place, I find that I end up leaving out my fall, winter and spring coats to use from September tillContinue reading “The Perfect Coat for Every Season”

Things to Do in a Canadian Winter

Winter in Canada is like nowhere else in the world.  The season coats most of the country in a beautiful blanket of snow that seems to bring us closer together.  If you’re new to these winters and you aren’t sure what you can do during these darker months, here are some ideas!  Just remember toContinue reading “Things to Do in a Canadian Winter”

Getting Your Home And Life Prepped For Winter

Winter is one of those seasons that you have to get through. It brings snowy weather, festive scenes and a new year where you can make resolutions and goals. Some people love it. Others don’t like it, because the weather can be a real issue. Not to mention the winter blues, seasonal affective disorder orContinue reading “Getting Your Home And Life Prepped For Winter”

Comfy clothing that will help make winter bearable

When it comes to layering up for winter, it should probably go without saying that the layers should not only be warm, they should also be comfortable. This includes excellent undies, well-made jeans with some stretch, and some comfortable slacks, all of which are necessities for winter and all of which are available at MottContinue reading “Comfy clothing that will help make winter bearable”

Preparing for Winter (yes, we said it)

Winter is technically still a little way off, but now that summer is saying its last goodbye, we’ll soon start to notice the weather beginning to cool, the nights drawing in, and you might have already begun to see the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. You might be looking forward to coolerContinue reading “Preparing for Winter (yes, we said it)”